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It’s common to see Georgia homes with retaining walls because of the state’s topography. But these structures do have other important functions aside from improving the safety in the area. For one, they can be used to boost the aesthetic features of a property, particularly the landscape. And if you are looking for a contractor who knows how to build these structures with integrity and visual appeal, call us. Waypoint Construction Group is an expert in designing and building these structures at rates that won’t hurt your budget.

The Best Uses for Retaining Walls

Retaining walls do more than just hold up slopes; they create functional space in an otherwise unusable part of your property and make it more functional. A retaining wall can be built as a sturdy flower box for your garden, and instead of settling for a basic wall, you can make it hollow to make room for soil and plants.

A retaining wall can also be used as a support for an outdoor fireplace or kitchen. You could also build a waterfall, pond, or some seating elements against this wall to enhance its functionality. With the right materials and design, it will definitely make your home more appealing, functional, and valuable.

Highly Recommended Segmental Retaining Wall Blocks

Segmental retaining wall blocks are concrete blocks that interlock with each other. This type doesn’t need concrete footing, mortar, or cement to hold it in place. Accordingly, we highly recommend this type of material for building retaining walls for a variety of reasons. Here are some of them:

  • When built correctly, segmental retaining wall blocks are strong enough to retain the force and pressure of backfill soil.

  • It is easy to get creative because they come in a variety of colors, textures, and sizes to match your landscape design or the theme of your property.

  • These can be easily incorporated in designs that call for horizontal or vertical curves, corners, or steps.

  • Because it promotes mortar-less structures, retaining walls are built fast and easy. No more waiting for cement to dry.

  • They are more cost-effective materials to use because they can be built without the help of any additional materials or equipment. Also, they require very minimal maintenance.

  • Segmental retaining wall block systems allow backfill soil to drain itself of water through the face joints.

  • A wall made of these blocks is more flexible, thus making it more resistant to cracks.

Building Functional and Beautiful Retaining Walls

At Waypoint Construction Group, we ensure that every outdoor structure that we build conforms to industry standards. Our retaining walls are designed and built with utmost planning and care to keep backfill soil from sliding or slumping. Even if they are built for aesthetic purposes, we still make sure that they are sturdy and durable. Moreover, our partnership with the leading manufacturers in the country widens the possibilities for more creative designs and concepts.

If you are interested in adding a retaining wall to your landscape or property, contact us today. Whether you are in Woodstock, Roswell, Atlanta, or anywhere in Georgia, our team can design and build the retaining walls that you need.

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